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Bay Window Dressing…Window Treatment ideas for your bay window

Are you frustrated in figuring out what to do with your bay windows? No worries, there are many options to fit you style. I suggest you approach the project much like any other window treatment project. Consider your needs…Do I need privacy? Do I need to completely block or partially block the sun? What functionality is needed to fit my family’s needs? Finally, what is my desired design style?
Here are seven basic ideas to get started on your bay window treatments:

1. Shade it
Shades offer a host of options in themselves. Unlike the Roller Shades of past decades the new roller shades come in a huge variety of fabrics, colors, and weaves. You can customize them with trims and banding. Consider pleated shades for a softer look. Flat Roman shades offer a tailored feel and can look very contemporary. Hobbled and Waterfall shades have fullness and personality. Many shades can be lowered from the top to create privacy below while maintaining your view above.

2. Drape it
Draperies can be working which mean they open and close or fixed for decorative purposes only. Drapery hardware manufacturers have really stepped up to offer functionality and design to allow limitless creativity in your bay. Grommet panels are simple and modern while pleated drapes offer elegance and tradition.

3. Top it
Valances are a great way to treat you bay window area. Cornices are another option with hundreds of style options whether you choose to put your fabric on a rod or a board covered treatment.

4. Layer it
Layering is always a designer’s dream. Combining a valance or cornice with draperies can create a dramatic WOW factor for a formal dining room.

5. Add seating
A bay is perfect for adding seating, color, softness, and storage. It is a great way to fill the bay space and make it a true focal point.

6. Shutter it
Wood shutters are still popular in all parts of the U.S. They offer great privacy and allow partial sun to shine in.

7. Enjoy the View
If you are lucky enough to have a wooded view with complete privacy, consider not covering your windows.


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Holiday Decorating – The Dinner Table

No holiday dinner is complete without an elegant table setting. This sophisticated setting takes elegance to another level with unexpected pops of chartreuse, peacock feather place mats and assorted glass ornaments along with oversized faux gems scattered along the center of the table.

Carnation Centerpieces: These three wreaths are easy to make with florist’s foam wreath bases, pearl ornaments, and scarlet carnations. Add glass hurricanes and ivory color candles for classic Christmas centerpieces.

Flowering Martini: This drink is stylish with a single ornament holding flowers. Simply remove the silver hook on the ornament and stick the flowers of your choice inside.

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Holiday Decorating – The Tree


  • When Decorating your Christmas Tree, put the lights on first, then garlands, then ornaments.
  • Work from the inside out: start arranging Christmas tree lights near the base of the tree. Weave strings of lights on the along the branches “inside”, then move to the outer edges of the branches.
  • Placement of ornaments: Don’t hang all of the ornaments on the tips of the branches. Place ornaments and other decorating ‘inside’ your tree to add depth and interest.
  • Basic ornaments for fill: Start by arranging the “filler ornaments” evenly spaced around the tree. This would include basic solid color balls that are easily found at discount stores in a wide range of colors to coordinate and enhance your decorating scheme. You’ll need about 20 “filler ornaments” for every 2 feet of Christmas tree. 
  • Special themed, collectable ornaments: Mix one-of-a-kind special ornaments between the basic ornaments. Plan to use at lease 10 special themed ornaments for every 2 feet of tree. As your collection grows, place the special ornaments closer together. 

Think Overscale

Our tree above illustrates a technique that most home decorators miss: using overscaled ornaments. The large silver balls and stars have a huge impact. Though oversized decorations may cost a bit more, you won’t need many (about a dozen for an average size tree), and the effect will be stunning!

The second tree, a fir tree, covered in vintage clock faces creates a timely theme. The vibrant pink-and-gold color scheme extends to Christmas stockings and a tree skirt fashioned from old quilts by Sis Boom, and clock-inspired trimmings.

Stick with a Theme: A large white butterfly gives a clue to the leafy garden theme of this tree. Green dragonflies and a selection of artificial leaf sprays add to the theme that’s further enhanced with green ornaments and glittered netting. Even the tree skirt was embellished with floral sprays.

Design with Line: Ornaments in one color and style get a designer look by varying the sizes (small, medium, and large) and by choosing them in a unique matte luster finish rather than a standard shiny gloss. Slim ribbon garlands crisscross horizontally across the tree while dozens of glass icicles add a vertical element.

Glam It Up: Crystals add sparkle and shine to any tree. Because they are see-through, however, you’ll want to place them near lights and mix them in with more colorful items.

Color Your World: Designers create trees using colors and themes that relate to the room where the tree is displayed. Repeat your room’s hues and motifs using ribbons, wrapping paper, garlands, and ornaments to harmonize with or complement what you already have.

Remember to Repeat: Repeat one type of ornament so it creates a color, shape, or theme through a tree. These red decorations help unite the other one-of-a-kind ornaments. We recommend buying two to four dozen of a main theme element (like these red balls). Various sizes, shapes, or finishes of such an element will add even more flair.


Clean-lined Rustic is one of the most relaxing and fresh styles of the holiday season. Simple color schemes with metallic accents and lots of nature inspired colors make a room bright and airy.


Vivid Robin’s Egg Blue ornaments lend this conifer top (often sold by tree farms and vendors) a touch of whimsy. Handmade taffeta birds alight in the branches, making their home among faux nests and glass and foil-covered eggs. A champagne bucket makes a one-of-a-kind tree stand.

Shimmering Vintage-Style Tinsel

This type of tree lights up a seldom-used area, such as an alcove beneath the stairs, creating an ideal spot to stow gifts for guests. When placed together, different-sized trees — each set in a classic urn and hung with glittery ornaments and glass garlands — evoke the feeling of an enchanted forest.


Pure White Doves flock en masse to the miniature tree’s branches, proclaiming “peace on Earth.” Cut your own from white card stock and hang from lengths of ribbon, or use doveshaped gift tags for a quicker solution. In keeping with the humble theme, the tree sits inside a pale blue-painted galvanized bucket.

An upside-down Christmas tree?

Who has ever heard of anything so ridiculous?
Well, you may be surprised to hear that an upside-down Christmas tree is one of the hottest fads of the season. But it’s actually not so new!

Hanging fir trees upside down goes back to the Middle Ages, when Europeans did it to represent the Trinity. But now, Christmas trees are shaped with the tip pointing to heaven, and some think an upside-down Christmas tree is disrespectful or sacrilegious.

The trees were recently introduced to retailers for in store displays, so more ornaments could be displayed at eye level to the buying public. And they left more floor space to hold extra stock of decorations.

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One Day Bedroom Makeover!

Their room before the decoration

Their room before the decoration

This young Westerville couple wanted to add personality and cheerfulness to their bedroom. After a quick rearrangement of the furniture, we hit the stores to pull together a comprehensive design. The One Day Decorating team started with the bright yellow, gray, and mocha colored comforter as inspiration. We painted the walls a soft gray to balance the brightness of the yellow.

We hit four different local stores HomeGoods, Joanne Fabrics, World Market, and Lowe’s to pull together this look within 8 hours.  In this case we were working on a modest budget which makes our job more challenging.

Mocha Accent Chair

We found a mocha leather accent chair to create a corner vignette and accented the area with a crisp white pedestal table.  The striped baskets were the modern gray and yellow color scheme.

Custom Headboard

We discovered a great coordinating damask and  a stripe fabric to create a custom headboard and trim the off white sheers.  The window treatments were so special with the striped trim at the top along with the Button accents hand made from the damask fabric we had left over from the headboard creation.

Custom Headboard

The dresser and chest of drawers were less than modern and had been around since college days.  We gave them a crisp new look with white paint and silver hardware.

Bright Yellow Lamp

Lighting was a huge issue as the room had no permanent lighting.  We found an awesome chrome lamp dripping with crystals for sparkle and shine.  This reminded me of a Candice Olsen lamp, so luxurious.  The pair of bright yellow tableside lamps with damask patterned shades sitting on the mirrored bedside tables were definitely the icing on the cake.

Bedroom After One Day Makeover

We addressed all elements of the room: color, furniture placement, bedding fabrics and pillows, window treatments, accessories, furnishings and a rug within timeframe to the client’s total satisfaction.  Another complete WOW room by the We Decorate Columbus team.

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Go Greenery

arbor bench

This shady arbor bench is the perfect for a wooded area to match its surroundings.

Natural garden tipi
Climbing Plant Support

For a quick, inexpensive support for climbing plants, build a simple tipi of natural materials you may already have.

An elegant wall-attached trellis panel
Trellis Panel

This tall, wall-attached trellis panel offers an elegantly simple way to add height and interest to your garden plantings. You may want to build several and space them one panel’s width apart.

Salad Box

A small salad box is perfect for growing your own garden in a small space. Deck Planters

These rustic planters add charm to any deck or patio.

Plant a Deck Garden
Deck Garden

Enhance any outdoor setting with a container garden. To make any garden portable, use a lightweight fiberglass pot. Show your favorite colors by dry-brushing layers of acrylic paints in similar hues onto terra-cotta pots.

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Outdoor Flooring

Soften your outdoor space with curving lines in the flooring. 

Curving Outdoor Flooring

Lush slate patio
slate patio

Surround a small slate patio with lush plantings for a versatile backyard retreat. This one is eight feet in diameter.

Stained Concrete
stained concrete

If your dreams of a garden room include a spacious floor, concrete combines affordability with durability.

Tile the Patio
tiled patio

Give your patio a facelift with hearty outdoor tile.

Fun Floorcloth
fun floor cloth

On a sheltered patio, a painted, sealed floorcloth should last for years.

Faux-Stone Patio
faux-stone patio

Put this beautiful, lasting patio in your backyard.

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Decor on the Deck – Furniture

Patio furniture is available in so many styles that your choice ultimately depends on your budget and your personal preferences.decor on the deck intro

Cedar is a low-maintenance choice due to its resistance to rot and other damage.  Treatment with a waterproofing sealer every couple of years will extend the cedar’s life span and give it a more appealing finish.cedar

Naturally resistant to warping, shrinking, and decay, as well as to insects. If left unfinished, redwood that is constantly in the sun eventually bleaches to gray, but that doesn’t affect its resistance to rot and weather.redwood

Teak for Poolside Settings. The durability and water resistance of teak make it a good choice for poolside furniture and structures.teak

Weatherproof Metal Dining
low-maintenance metal dining set like this one is a good choice if you want to leave the furniture out all year. Since metal seating has a hard surface, add removable cushions for comfort. metal dining 

Wrought Iron
This wrought-iron dining set can stay outdoors year-round as long as the painted finish remains in good shape. Clean wrought iron by washing it with soap and water, then rinsing it well. If you find any nicks or scratches, touch them up with paint to prevent rust from forming. wrought iron

Furnishings on this patio can stay outside year-round, rain or shine.resin

Wicker and wicker look-alikes are ideal for outdoor dining areas because the chairs are lightweight and easy to move. Synthetic wicker is a little more expensive than natural wicker, but it is more versatile for outdoor use. Made from moisture-proof resins and rustproof aluminum framing, synthetic wicker can withstand the elements, while natural wicker cannot. wicker

Powder-Coated Metal
Powder-coated aluminum patio furniture has a tough, long-lasting, scratch-resistant surface.powder-coated metal

Weathered Wood
Allowed to weather naturally, these wood pieces form a rustic seating area. The charming color blends well with the decking material.weathered wood

A Built-In Bench or built in storage takes full advantage of the space you have.built-ins

Furniture on Wheels
Streamlined chaises and tables on sturdy casters can be easily repositioned to follow the sun or shade. Even the dining table is on wheels, allowing for maximum on wheels

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