Adding Privacy to your Outdoor Space



This backyard lounge serves as both a casual spot for year-round entertaining and a private refuge with resort style.

Give your outdoor room an edge

outdoor room

Form a living wall with a trio of head-high planters. Start with classy pots (ours are lightweight resin) and add a lush arborvitae to each. Stand the matching plants side by side along an edge of your deck.


Frame your deck with a trellis.

Glass blocks

Glass blocks also add privacy.


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Outdoor lighting

wire lighting basket

A wire basket, a few jars, and some tea lights an adornment add a little handmade glow to your garden.

outdoor lighting

Be sure to choose a UL-rated chandelier approved for outdoor use. Even in a protected area such as this, the fixture will be exposed to wind, dust, and moisture.

Bring Indoor Style Outside

stylish outdoor lighting 

Now you can brighten your outdoor rooms with all-weather lighting that’s as stylish as anything you’d have indoors. This weatherproof table lamp plugs into an external outlet for cozy illumination.

outdoor candles

Go low maintenance with candles.

Tap-light luminaries

tap-light luminaries

Add your own embellishment by wrapping a piece of translucent rice paper around the base and taping the ends of the paper together with double-sided tape to form a cylinder.

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Outdoor Fabrics

Fabrics add softness and coziness to an outdoor space.

Outdoor fabrics

They also can reflect your personality.

colorful outdoor fabrics

  Boost your comfort level with generous floor cushions and airy toss pillows.

outdoor pillows

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Creating Outdoor Pathways

outdoor pathway

Shape: Unless your path is in a formal garden, a curve will look more inviting.

Destination: Enlarge the path’s end to accommodate a chair and a small tea table, a bench, or even a birdbath.

Fringe: For a natural look, make the path 40 inches wide.

Fragrance: Plant aromatic herbs or perfumed flowers along the path to sweeten the journey.

personalized outdoor path

Personalize with tiny surprises to add interest.

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Tips for a Great Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Give your outdoor kitchen a certain style that complements your home’s architecture and reflects your individuality.

outdoor oven

Our backyard adobe oven is modeled after mud-brick ovens used around the world, from the Southwest to Mexico, Italy, and France.

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Decor on the Deck – Furniture

Patio furniture is available in so many styles that your choice ultimately depends on your budget and your personal preferences.decor on the deck intro

Cedar is a low-maintenance choice due to its resistance to rot and other damage.  Treatment with a waterproofing sealer every couple of years will extend the cedar’s life span and give it a more appealing finish.cedar

Naturally resistant to warping, shrinking, and decay, as well as to insects. If left unfinished, redwood that is constantly in the sun eventually bleaches to gray, but that doesn’t affect its resistance to rot and weather.redwood

Teak for Poolside Settings. The durability and water resistance of teak make it a good choice for poolside furniture and structures.teak

Weatherproof Metal Dining
low-maintenance metal dining set like this one is a good choice if you want to leave the furniture out all year. Since metal seating has a hard surface, add removable cushions for comfort. metal dining 

Wrought Iron
This wrought-iron dining set can stay outdoors year-round as long as the painted finish remains in good shape. Clean wrought iron by washing it with soap and water, then rinsing it well. If you find any nicks or scratches, touch them up with paint to prevent rust from forming. wrought iron

Furnishings on this patio can stay outside year-round, rain or shine.resin

Wicker and wicker look-alikes are ideal for outdoor dining areas because the chairs are lightweight and easy to move. Synthetic wicker is a little more expensive than natural wicker, but it is more versatile for outdoor use. Made from moisture-proof resins and rustproof aluminum framing, synthetic wicker can withstand the elements, while natural wicker cannot. wicker

Powder-Coated Metal
Powder-coated aluminum patio furniture has a tough, long-lasting, scratch-resistant surface.powder-coated metal

Weathered Wood
Allowed to weather naturally, these wood pieces form a rustic seating area. The charming color blends well with the decking material.weathered wood

A Built-In Bench or built in storage takes full advantage of the space you have.built-ins

Furniture on Wheels
Streamlined chaises and tables on sturdy casters can be easily repositioned to follow the sun or shade. Even the dining table is on wheels, allowing for maximum on wheels

Add something Distinctivedistinctive

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Decor on the Deck – Helpful Tips

Designing a functional, flexible outdoor space is much like designing an interior room.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Plan for the long-term
Even if it takes you five years to implement your design, it is important to have a cohesive plan and stick with it.

Physically connect the outdoor room to your home
This will save you money on utility connections, allow you to use existing walls, and offer easy access to the indoors.

Choose comfortable, weather-resistant furniture.
Have fun with fabric. Outdoor fabric that can stand up to harsh conditions is now available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Add visual warmth
Try incorporating a chandelier or adding decorative wall accents

Think big
Make the outdoor room as large as you can to maximize the benefits.

Factor in landscaping

Include an outdoor fireplace

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